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I own a challenge Cache "Durch die halbe Republik" GC3MN41. It is nessassary to visit 8 german counties at the same day.


How can I customize and implement an existing checker (e.g. GC2J8W3 - Die halbe Republik (Challenge-Cache) (Germany) ) to my LIsting, My title etc.


Or is it nessessary to write a new Checker-Script (i cannot :(.


Thanx for any helps



in Miscellaneous by Thomas0809 (1.3k points)
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1 Answer

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See this answer: for information about how to start writing checkers.

You (or anyone else who can write checkers) can create a checker for an existing cache listing.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (179k points)
selected by Thomas0809
Great, and it is much more easy than I thought because I only had to mark a script but not to write a new one.

But if there were a even more detailed manual it would be mory easily.

Thanks al lot.
The response you got when you were given privileges to create checkers contains links to the official documentation that is available.

If you want more, I suggest that you look at existing checkers to see how they work, You can look at (and borrow from) the code to them as you like. Just find one that doesn't have a ton of options to start with and it should be a good start.

This is probably as simple as it gets: