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+4 votes
In the new Virtual GPS you are able to select a grouping for the entries (e.g. grouped by source page, like it was in V1 of the virtual GPS).

As it happens quite often, that I want to do batch work (e.g. delete) on a group of caches on a list, it would be helpful if I could batch select all of them.  At the moment this seems to be possible only for the whole list.
in Feature requests by Lineflyer (4.3k points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Best answer
It's a great suggestion, and we will look into if we can implement that.

Meanwhile, you can use click, shift-click. Ie, click the first one in the group, hold down shift and click the last one in the group.

Note that this only works for marking, not unmarking. This is due to the design of the library we are using. We did not manage to implement the same thing for unmarking, which we should look at again though. Because I am unsure why.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
selected by Lineflyer