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GC5FKXJ - Tihange - Bois de Tihange - Enigme3

- Not  missing in your DB as it is reported when asking the GCcode.

- but not returned by wildcard 'enigme3' doesn't find anything, though 'enigme1' or 'enigme2' which are two other of my placed cache are repotrted. No caches matched your search.


The research by GC code AND by wildcard work for this:

GC5FAHT - Tihange - Bois de Tihange - Enigme2

in Bug reports by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
Looks like the fulltext indexes are not build on-fly, but on some regullar basis. Cache is in database, but probably not in the fulltext index used by this search. It is fun that fulltext search in Map Compare finds this cache:

But Dashboard doesn't ...

1 Answer

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The rebuilding of our search indices does not work as intended, and we have no clue why yet. This then affects "new" geocaches, where new in this case actually can be a while.

Updated the search indices manually now. Still a bit confused of why it doesn't work automatically though.

UPDATE: We have found and solved an issue. This should work from now on, though we haven't tested it yet (have to wait for new geocaches). The search indices are updated once per hour.
by magma1447 (Admin) (234k points)
selected by Pepegeo