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I have loaded the virtual GPS with a gpx file containing close to 5000 caches. It loads and displays the caches (also on a map) but when I choose to write out to a gpx file I always get "the page on project-gc says unknown error" in a dialogue box. The button build is then activated and can not be stopped. It happens regardless of what options I choose or if I leave them as default.

This happens with both Chrome and internet explorer and aborting the operation is not possible without closing down the project-gc tab. It is thus not possible to use the virtual gps as a basis for creating gpx files any longer.
in Bug reports by Ingabo (150 points)
retagged by magma1447 (Admin)
Could you add the name of your vgps-list to the question, so that I can duplicate it and try to reproduce the issue. I have been building several GPX files myself without any issues.
I am seeing the same thing these days. I created a new list with 10000 caches in it (westtripnew).  I asked for it to export. It gave me the unknown error. Then the number of exported caches updated. The export never ended up in the queue and the gpx file was never created.

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Or I actually think I know. You have been building other GPX files the last 24 hours right? There is a limit of 10,000 geocaches per 24 hours period, to be compliant with Groundspeak. This should be much clearer stated on the web page.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
Yes, you are so right I have built one file earlier today with an approx size of 9000 caches. Perhaps I should have figured this out myself.....
Thanks for your superfast reply !
Well, the feedback definitely was ZERO. A text about it has been added to the buildgpx-modal in our development environment now. Saying:
You are allowed to export 10000 number of geocaches into GPX files during a 24 hour period. If you extend this, you will get an Unknown error.
"if you exceed this", even.
A visible counter saying "you can build GPX files with xxx caches today" would be nice when planning trips.

If I export 9000 and then try to export 2000 it doesn't work, obviously. If I then try again with 500, will that work or did the attempt at 2000 eat the 1000 I still had to go?
If you don't build it doesn't count.
Would it be possible to change the error message in this situation? Or is the error message coming from a third-party API?