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+1 vote
It would be nice to have the current FTF streak on the Most consecutive months with an FTF to see if there is a possibility of breaking our preceding record.
in Feature requests by Gamboy (150 points)
I too would like to see current FTF streak on the Most consecutive months added as a stat.   Right now my stats show my best streak as 26 months ending in Feb 2012, but I can not see my current streak.

1 Answer

–1 vote

Actually you have this information in your profile:

Most FTFs in a day: -
Most FTFs in a calendar month: -
Most consecutive months with an FTF: -


by jeancar (370 points)
Thanks for your answer but this not the case.

Most consecutive months with an FTF does not give the current streak but rather the longest streak ever.
Yeah! Most consecutive days with an FTF - that would be extra cool (as I'm currently on 2nd place with score of 60 :) )
So he's after a "Current consecutive months with an FTF" to parallel the days in a row with finds stats.
Yes, I would like, as I said, to have the current streak besides the record streak. It would be helpful to follow one's progress in breaking their personal record. The answer provided by jeancar has nothing to do with this request.