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0 votes
First, I love the new virtual-gps. Being able to share is totally awesome. I've been populating a user note field with Delorme page numbers. I'd love to be able to include that in the download for when I print. Thanks for all you guys do.
in Feature requests by memomls (740 points)

1 Answer

+1 vote
Yes, it is planned, and expected last week, but we got side tracked, as always. I am still expecting it "within a week".

Same topic:
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
OMG!!! I love project-gc!!!!

I'm planning to do a 101 event on in when it gets too hot to cache in Florida!!!
To hot to cache. I wish we had that problem. Right now it's around 0 degrees Celcius (32 F), a warm summer day is 20-25 C, around 75 F. :(

But yes, there are days that we actually complain about the warmth and the sun as well. Probably 3-5 days per year. :)
Hi ganja1447,
has the integration of the usernotes fields into the CSV file export been postponed or is there a setting that I need to turn on?
It was postponed, but actually implemented last week in our development environment. Due to travelling we had a feature freeze period, but you should expect it to be released this week.
Thanks! Very cool. Looking forward to it!
A new version of CSV export has been released, it now exports all relevant data.