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+1 vote
I used the "Find Bad Logs" profile tool -- great and thank you for that.

So now I took some action and deleted some duplicate find logs.  However, the tool results look essentially the same even a few days later.

What will cause the tool to update the results?
in Miscellaneous by huggy_d1 (150 points)

1 Answer

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I am quite sure the result is created when you use the tool. The problem is that the change are not detected by pgc.
If your found count on pgc and gc is different the log deletaon has not been detected
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
This response seems to assume the bad logs were my own duplicates.  In actual fact, the duplicates were other people posting extra find logs on my caches.

The one duplicate find log I have is correct, and the finds on caches I own (from adoptions) are also correct.

Some - but not all - of the caches with extra find logs are on archived (and sometimes) locked caches.
The latency of the information of removed logs are the same for you fins as for other peoples fins. The deleted log will be removed when the cache is updates.
The FAQ says upto 90 days for archived caches

You can find PGC:s log count in "Top Logged Caches" or by adding to VGPS if you are a paying member

It looks like you can force a refresh by adding the caches to the virual GPS and create a GPX and say refresh older than 1 day.
The find count is now the same as on in the virtual GPS.
The bad logs page is the same. It might be cached wait some time to check again if it has been changed.
If it is not changed tomorrow the GPX generation only updated the fins count and did not download all logs and you have to wait the time described tin the FAQ