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I don't know if it is a bug or not, but my script 733 / tag 5932 continously shows issues

I checked all of the below, users are premium users, ok is boolean, log and html are false or string, users have more than 0 finds and none of the below mentioned fields are used in the script. I am confused.

  • Coordinates can be false, common when a non premium member gets data for a premium geocache. You must handle this when calculating distance for example. Note that the premium status of the one running the script is what counts, therefore this can be hard to reproduce.
  • Invalid returns; ok must be a boolean, while log and html must be of type string or false.
  • The user has 0 finds and the script doesn't handle it correctly, or an effect of it.
  • The fields last_publish_date and last_archive_date can be false, for different reasons.
  • The fields region, county and elevation can temporary be NULL (nil in LUA). Since we do not get this data from we calculate it afterwards. We advice treating these as none finds until they get their data.

I tried with user "huntersam" who was shown having issues. The checker showed a green "Success", using my user name it shows "red". No errors, whatsoever.

Thanks for your time.


in Bug reports by hampf (4.3k points)

1 Answer

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I have started a manual run on the 2223 failing users to see if it breaks again.

Correction: It was ran on 2223 users. I can not see a single user with an error and it should then also be gone from your issues-list. Feel free to tell us again if it re-appears, but until then it's not much we can do.
by magma1447 (Admin) (237k points)
selected by hampf
I looked at the code.  The data field are {'gccode', 'visitdate', 'type', 'log_id'}
and the pgc functions that are used are are PGC_GetFinds and PGC_Gccode2CacheName

I can see two possibilites. log_id can for some reason be nil. I suspect that is not the cacse because it is only used in ouptup and it is old caches that are used in the result.
The other possibility is that PGC_Gccode2CacheName can result in error.
The function is used in the output of the result. Is it possible to get a timeout or some other errors on the function? Maby when the database load is high?
This metod to get the cachename is not used in most scripts i suspect that it is better to get all name in the PGC_GetFinds to reduce database trancactions
In my issues I had a whole string of them and when I tried to check the cacher out  which cause the problem this person had his profile blocked. Could this be the problem?
To be honest, I have no idea how the API acts when that happens. But I wouldn't think so. If it's sill an issue I wouldn't mind looking at it.