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+6 votes

I can imagine that a possibility of move and copying caches between lists in VGPS2 would be a great improvement.


I have my list called "wishlist: poland" and I have about 1000 caches there. I'm planning a trip to, let's say, Pomerania and would like to create a GPX with caches from "wishlist: poland" that are located there. So, if there is an option to copy caches from list to list, I'm grouping my wishlist by Regions, selecting all located in Pomerania and copying it into "Pomeranian trip 2015". And then, I'm able to edit this newly created list to fit it to my planned route - add some other caches or delete something without impacting original "wishlist: poland" list.

Uf... I hope that my example shows you my concept ;)


Any comments?


in Feature requests by 赏月者 (2.3k points)
I agree with this proposal
So do I. I find "move" even more helpful than "copy".

3 Answers

+2 votes
It's on the list. At least there will be a "clone list", and then one can hopefully clean out those that wasn't wanted.
by magma1447 (Admin) (235k points)
Clone is not the same thing... imagine deleting 900 caches, or something like this.

Thanks for the response :)
I agree. Something will be made, probably very close to what you want. We just haven't had the time yet (as usual).
+2 votes
Bump. Is there any changes on this one? Because now cache selecting checkbox works only for removing caches, or assigning user notes. It should be super if this would allow to copy selected caches to another VGPS list
by vukisz (1.1k points)
0 votes
Good answer,

I had the idea that someone has this feture on his todo-list, but you confirm that. Thanks again!

and bye  H_M_A
by H_M_A (1.7k points)