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I just looked at my "Hidden Months" map today. I narrowed it down to my resident county, which yields only one cache.

The problem is that the map then shows a zoom in on the cache. That's ok, since it does not need to show any other caches. The zoomed in map, however, is not particularly helpful since it only shows some obscure road name that I don't recognize. I thought it could be remedied by zooming out. This is where I hit upon what I consider a bug:

Zoom out does not work on the map if there is only one resulting cache.

It turns out, however, that if you pan the map first, the zoom out functionality resumes. It took me a while to figure that one out.

I realize that this might not be top priority. I just thought that it maybe one of the easy ones you can look into on a slow day :)


closed with the note: No longer able to reproduce bug, assuming fixed
in Bug reports by Funky_Boris (9.7k points)
closed by Funky_Boris

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I can not reproduce this in neither Firefox or Chrome. Others feel free to add comments.

And to be honest, if there is such bug with certain browsers, it's most likely not in our code and will solve itself at some point when we upgrade leaflet (the map library). Right now we are running the latest version though, it may also be an issue that is not known to them. But from knowing how the code works, it shouldn't matter if there are 1 or 100 caches.

by magma1447 (Admin) (225k points)
selected by Funky_Boris
I use Firefox 35.0.1 on Linux with the NoScript plug-in, but it is only blocking facebook and twitter on that page.

If you are using a map library to render the maps, the bug is probably upstream. Since there is a very easily accessable work-around, i understand why it may not be worth your time to pursue the matter any further at this point.

I'm closing the issue for now.
I use FF 33 under Ubuntu 14.10, without issues.
FYI, most of the site is developed with Firefox/Ubuntu, and used with Chrome/Ubuntu. So those browser should be well tested.
Thank you very much. I have no problem with just using the work-around for now.

Should I leave the thread open for other input, or should I close it ?
It's fine by me if you leave it like this. If it was something I planned on acting on, I would have bookmarked (added to my favorites) it.