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What happens when people are tagging a challenge without filling in a config statement?

1. With the system showing red or green on the map , cachers might thing that they qualify for a cache?

2. The other problem is that those caches disappear from the map for tagging and are shown as tagged.

    The only way to find them is going through the tags at the scripts.

3. A script which is already tagged with the correct config, gets tagged again with an empty config

    An example is GC5E0XY.  How is it shown on the map?
in Miscellaneous by vogelbird (Expert) (55.4k points)
1: Depend on the script. The result of the checker is displayed. what the result is depends of the script. No result i probably displayed for run-time error.
2: You can change a checker to result in error for empty tags and they will be in the script and taggers issues
I have added a extra line to check for empty config on some of my scripts. The code below checks for that

local conf_nr=0
for _,v in Pairs(conf) do
if conf_nr==0 then
  return{ ok={},log={},html={}}

3: probably the result of the last script. If one is ok and the other is error it looks like the ok i still there.
I tries it on the mentioned challenge and the ok is not removed on my map if i run the incorrect checker

This is all assuming that i have understand what ganja have told me correctly and i have not missed anything
The problem with checking this automatically is that empty config is ok on some scripts
Thanks, I hope that new taggers are reading this and are correcting their tags.
The same user had another empty tag on one of my script that resulted in error. That challenge was already tagged on the same script.
I have contacted the tagger and will hopefullyget a reply.
Unforenally there is no way to find all challengs that someone has taged

1 Answer

–1 vote
You can't make any rules - an empty config may just use a set of default configuration and be perfectly valid.
by mole125 (Expert) (21.1k points)
I am writing about those scripts which require a config to qualify for the challenge.

I want to know what happens with the system of showing red or green on the cachers challenge map to see if you qualify
It would be a god idea to change all checkers to require a tag so newbie tagers that don't add a config could be detected.
I suspect most scripts require a config. To have default values is a good way to make incorrect tags not be detected.
I agree there are only a few which don't require the config to be filled in.
the ones I use require a config, only those from and one from rikitan are empty.