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It would be great to be able to combine Custom Filters.

Example: I want to compare the Caches' Wilson Score of two owners, lets say myself and someone else.

Right now I have to create a special custom filter which has both myself and the other owner in it.

This means if I want to compare myself to a different owner I have to create a new custom filter.

Would be nice to have one custom filter for owner #1 and one filter for owner #2 and then be able to say that both filters should be applied to the result.

That would make custom filters even more awesome as they already are.


in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Hi Christian

Could you be more specific, what actually you are trying to do?

Maybe many of the users here unterstand your idea, but sorry, I don't

To compare multiple users , what they have or have not scored in common, map compare may help.

by fankido (2.1k points)
My use case: I want to see only caches from certain owners in the Wilson score statistics.

Use Case 1: only show caches of owner1
Use Case 2: only show caches of owner2
Use Case 3: show BOTH caches of owner1 AND owner2.

UC1 is easy to accomplish: just create a custom filter with owner1.
UC2 is just as easy to accomplish: just create a custom filter with owner2.
For UC3 I created a custom filter for both owner1 and owner2.

I hope I can make that more clear with this picture:

As you can see in this picture it shows the Wilson score statistics for both myself and a second owner.

But what if I want to compare owner2 and owner3, or even some owner4?

For each new combination of owners I would have to create a new custom filter. That is not very flexible and creates a long list of custom filters.

A far better way would be to create a feature which allows for custom filters to be combined.
Ah, I see.
Thanks for clearing this up.
Seams as there is missing "show Owned only" in Map Compare or, as you suggest, combining Custom Filters.