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–1 vote
I would like to suggest a new feature which lets us find long log entries on a per cache basis.

It could be like this:

Enter a caches GC-code and then the minimum number of characters / words a log entry should contain.

Result would be a list of log entries for this cache, sortable by length or date.
in Feature requests by Der Grosse Baer DGB (1.9k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
What is the application for this? The logs of a cache can obviously be found in the cache listing, but why do you want to filter it?
by DerLakaiMS (6.7k points)
It's a kind of a historic interest. I like to read good (and entertaining) log entries.

When looking at old caches with hundreds and even thousands of log entries it is quite tedious to find those long ones.

Some (maybe the majority?) of log entries are short like "TFTC". I don't want to browse through hundreds of entries to find the ones I am interested in.

My feature request would make it easy to find those long entries.

I admit this feature is probably not interesting to those looking for new caches to search for. But of course it could be used to find those caches which are of high quality, assuming that a high quality cache would entice people into writing longer log entries and report about their adventures and feelings.