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0 votes

since 3 days (someone writes the log and gives the FP on the next day) we don´t have the 100% anylonger!

On the 100% there, on not!

since this, we have 2 more logs who gave FP´s

Can anyone tell me why?



in Miscellaneous by AntonioSe (220 points)

2 Answers

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Best answer
When I look at the mentioned GC5KQ90 now, it has 100% FP. There is (almost) no data at Project-GC that is in real-time. Some things even takes a quite long time to get detected. Edited logs, adding/removing FP are some of them. But normally it corrects itself after a while, depending on quite many factors. An active geocache will always get refreshed faster.
by magma1447 (Admin) (228k points)
selected by AntonioSe
0 votes
I can't see whats the problem.

The Linked Cache has 100%, but is from another Owner. (Johnny.G.O.Cache)

And his Profile Stat is not up to date for this cache.
by Kleinanzeige (340 points)