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What is the use of the Virtual GPS please?

+1 vote
Can someone please give me a simple use for the vitual GPS, as I can not see what I would use it for.
asked Feb 26, 2015 in Support and help by sr510 (220 points)

1 Answer

+3 votes
If you plan a cachingtrip and what to log interesting caches it is useful to add the caches to the vgps. For example High FP, %FP, uncommon types, interesting DT, solved myst, old caches, caces needed for some challenge, Easy stop in a new county etc
You have a nice overview of what caches you like to log and can create a GPX to have a separate list of those caches on some cachingapps.
It can also be used used to replace PQ:s to download caches you have more options in choosing what caches you what to bring with you.

The video below describes how to use pgc to plan a trip
answered Feb 27, 2015 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)
There's also the fact that the GPX files you create from VGPS don't have a 1000 cache limit like pocket queries do (you do have a limit of 10,000 caches in a day though). I've used this to create a single GPX file of all the caches I haven't found yet in my territory (about 2400).
@sumbloke make this into an answer, that’s upvote-worthy!