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0 votes

just a small thing: When I had a look on the challenge cache map this morning, I wished I had the opportunity to exclude the challenges I had already found  with a filter checkbox like the ones for "archived", "deactivated" or "premium".

Is it possible to add this? As I have already found many challenges, that would improve the overview in the typical "challenge regions".

Thanks for taking this into account,
Big Black Dragon
in Feature requests by Big Black Dragon (830 points)

1 Answer

+3 votes
Best answer

I had exactly the same question a few weeks/months ago :)   On the map, you will find on the left hand side a "geocaching button". Just move your mouse over it -> select the smiley and your founds are gone :)
by geoGRAV (6.9k points)
selected by Big Black Dragon
Thanks, that's it :-)