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Finding the oldest cache in a Country

0 votes
Is there a way to find the oldest caches in a country, including archived caches?  If not, would it be possible to produce one please?  I'm interested in visiting the original / early locations.

asked Feb 28, 2015 in Feature requests by The Wombles (3,320 points)

1 Answer

+3 votes
Best answer
There are already on called Map NESW/Oldest  It is a paying member function and if you enable archived and set a loop you will get old cacher where you what.
Remember it is hidden date not publish and some caches have false hidden. For example a Unknown in Sweden has a hidden date in 1991
You can also use the "Map - Hidden Month" map with no user and a hidden date filter(set a date and test for number of hits) It is a free function
answered Feb 28, 2015 by Target. (Expert) (104,060 points)
selected Feb 28, 2015 by The Wombles
That's great, thanks