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+25 votes
Can the badges be displayed with all the badges of a given level on a separate line?  So all Diamond badges would be on the top line, Emerald Badges on the next line, Sapphire badges on the next line, etc.   This is currently an option with the BadgeGen Macro.   It's a nicer way to display them, I think.   Regards, DrPflug
in Feature requests by DrPflug (820 points)
Agree, I like it better when the badges are separated into multiple lines based on the badge level.
This method looks good as long as you don't have more badges of the same level as can fit on the same line. If the line has to spill over it doesn't look as good.
I will add that the BadgeGen Macro has the option to "place each level on a separate line".  When they are put into the Notes section of the FindStatsGen macro, each line is centered.   It dispalys 7 badges per line.  If there are more than 7, it puts the additional badges on the next line, centered.   It looks good to me.
Yes, badges look certainly better to me when splited to separate lines and centered.
I also think it looks good having the different levels on separate lines and would like to see that option offered.
Could be a nice optional feature for the badges display. If it looks like crap you could keep the standard display. As long as everyone can choose his favorite option everything is ok :)
I liked that on BadgeGen in GSAK as well.
Please make this optional if implemented… others prefer the current display.

It would be nice to see how many badges you can get on the top levels

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