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Would it be feasible to enhance the search functionalities on the Dashboard to search for part of a GC code? enlightened


I am trying to locate all the potential caches that include the number '100' in their GC code in my home coordinates radius.

There are some challenges out there that require to have found caches with numbers from 0 to 100 in their GC code.

Examples: GC4Y2XX Challenge - GC Code 0-100  //  GC5AAR4 - GC 0-100 Challenge - Haastek√§tk√∂ (Finland)

The challenge checkers already exist, however the difficulty is to find the missing caches with their relevant GC code(s).

It would be a nice feature to have a bit like the D/T matrix filler to search for missing caches in a certain area.

in Feature requests by Carangue (900 points)
I support the question and extend it to the combinationschecker. It is very difficult to find the last GC codes for the element challenge etc.
You can do that by adding all cache in the area you like to look at to the vgps and export the data to cvs and search with a capable text editor in the file

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