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the reinvented Virtual GPS has a lot of functions. I tried the "grouping" feature using one of the boolean selectables as 'Disabled' and first wondered about if anything has happened. When scrolling the list down I saw saw that the grouping has been done and sorting is done from 0 (enabled) to 1 (disabled).

I'd request to sort the groups the other way round :

- first the name of the group-option is DIS-abled, not enabled

- second (for me) the minor group on top of the list is more convenient and useful.

The same would IMO apply to 'Archived'


Thanks and best regards
in Feature requests by itsbrody (2.3k points)
All groupings are sorted in alphabetical/numerical order. The caches are grouped on disables that is a boolean value 0/false for enabled and 1/true for disabled
The first line of the groups show what the key is. to the left of it there are a box. Click on it and the group will collapse and you will see the other groups in this case disabled
I know how to get the information either by scrolling or by collapsing the group not needed, but why not making this more comfortable and/or more logical around the expressions/names defined?

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