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0 votes

I need a checker to check, if you have found 10 cache with at least 20000 logs together. Can that be posible. smiley

in Miscellaneous by Pudsemand (2.4k points)
Yes. That is possible after short look into documentation. I will have a look on such script.
Thanks, i will look forward to it. ;-)

1 Answer

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Best answer
Here you go:

But there is not checked the type of the logs = API provides only num_finds, not the number of "found it" logs. But I think this can be solved by whitelisting cache types (for example, you can't have "found it" logs on events).

So I propose to select caches without Events, Webcams or whatever you like. Let me know about your preferences. This can be adjusted with Tag.
by Jakuje (Moderator) (112k points)
selected by Pudsemand
Thanks, it look like it does what It have to.
I have tried wit a couple of the local, it seems to have an error, if you isn't qualified.
Sorry. I didn't find anyone who wouldn't qualify :D
Fixed now
Year, now it is very fine