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+14 votes
I am constantly seeing posts requesting clarification on maps where a map legend would provide the answer. It took me over a year of intermittant use for me to understand what all the bits meant. To make it easier for everyone, especially new users, could we have a legend on every map page (or link to a popup legend, as I suspect they are all the same) providing information about icon colours, and icon sub-icons. Currently we are all guessing as to what they mean.
in Feature requests by the Seagnoid (Expert) (42.9k points)
This is just my opinion, altough I am not a PGC expert.

Since I am involved to digital maps on my job I of course upvote this request. A map without a legend is not worth half of it.

But I also know from my job how diffcult it is to implement dynamic map legends using dynamic content change when zooming in and out AND changing mapping service. You really don't want so see legends for all possible icons and other map features when you only see a tenth of it in a moment.
Another problem might be the usage of (different) external maps since they might change their theme.

Maybe the map services offer (static or dynamic) legends? OSM supports themes.

Anyway a heavy but important feature.

1 Answer

0 votes

A legend to the different pages with "bars" as result would also be appreciated, for instance, all the different top lists (favourite search, wilson search etc). 



by tomastomas (710 points)