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There is one cache, which is misdetected as an FTF for me. Since I do not tag FTFs in the cache logs properly, I have created a bookmarklist with my FTFs, as described in the FAQ. Apparently, now caches from the bookmarklist and caches tagged in the logs are counted as FTFs. And that is where it goes wrong, because the FTF-detection by log-text misdetects one cache as an FTF.

Is there any chance to correct this other than changing my log and hoping that project-gc will pick that change up sometime in the next few months?

For me it would e.g. be fine to disable the FTF detection by log text alltogether, but I could not find any such option in the settings.

As per the comment by ganja1447 here is the link to the log in question:

It sure looks like an FTF log and the automatic detection can probably not be improved to avoid this - but it would be good if there was a way to disable the automatic detection (per profile) and rely solely on the bookmarklist.
in Miscellaneous by j-he (590 points)
edited by j-he
Could you add a link to the log in your question?
I added the link to the log...
I am still considering how we can solve this. Just as you say, the log is proper tagged, which makes PGC detect it.

It would be an option to have a setting to ignore these tags. But it's a very large change for us, will take a lot of time. Then we have the fact that FTFs won't be exact for everyone anyway, we have to consider if it's worth the time when we know we already are drowning in work.
Assuming I'd change my log - could you then trigger an update of the FTF stats for me so I don't have to wait several months for an update?
Absolutely. Then we can fix it easily.
That was a fast answer! :)
I exchanged the word FTF in the log. Would be great if you could fix the stats for me now.
should be up to date within an hour. Profile stats the next time it gets rendered.
Great! Thanks for your support!

1 Answer

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Schonmal versucht das "imageimageimage Erster beim Bonuscache mit padihiki2 imageimageimage" aus dem Log zu lassen?

Zitate aus den FAQ:

Some of those that are supported are:

{*FTF*} {FTF} (FTF) [FTF]




As you might have read under How up-to-date is the data? it takes time for some data changes to be detected. Edited logs is one of them. In short, it might take up to about 3 months for edited logs to get detected. Until we have a better solution for this, throw us an email and we can make it happen faster. Don't forget your geocaching name.



by antimon83 (190 points)