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+1 vote
The number of found logs for caches hidden by me in the Hides tab is wrong - naturally in every statistics on the tab that includes it. I think it's not an information update problem since one find on a specific date is included and other on the same is not, also the finds are more than six weeks old. In more details I have 2 caches hidded and every one of them is found 2 times on 2 different dates by 2 different cachers so I have a total of 4 finds. The statistic shows 3 finds. It misses the second find of the second cache while counts the second find of the first cache wich is made by the same cacher on the same date.
in Bug reports by Phoenix-BG (130 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
That is not a unresonalbe delay if you read the faq

The caches are nore updated at the same time and finds might be detected on on and not on the other.

Are the finds on the caches done online six weeks ago? the date on them are no indication on the date the log was done. Check you mail with the find logs to get the date of the log
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
It's ok if this is a reasonable delay - I'm not in any kind of hurry or something, but I thought that in about a month I should see the numbers and was worried that it's some kind of a bug. And yes, the logs are really done online six weeks ago - on 15-th february (caches themselves found on 14-th). Thanks for the quick response.