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+4 votes

Can you do on your page the milestones workable? I have a Lab Cache on my official statistik and my milestons on are thereby other how milestons on Project -GC 

you ar not supportive lab caches

when you the milestons workable is the problem solved

in Feature requests by -Stefan- (260 points)

1 Answer

+4 votes
Best answer
Editing milestones is on the roadmap. Actually it's on the roadmap for 2014. But I can almost certainly say that we won't be able to finish that this year. But I hope that you can expect it in the beginning of 2015.
by magma1447 (Admin) (230k points)
selected by -Stefan-
there is already news with the implementation?
Sorry to say that there isn't. We really was hoping to get it out there during 2014, and then in Q1 2015. But currently it is impossible for us to find the time. Right now we have had to stop development completely for a few days to answer support instead. We are almost 2 months behind on that part.