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+4 votes
I've made checker for check finds on consecutive days

checks for N consecutive days with found, optionally with T different cache types on different days and at least X caches on day
can be used for:
- check for single day with minimum X caches,
- check for N consecutive days without limit of number of caches found,
- check for minimum N caches found in X consecutive days (however every day at least one cache)
- check for N different types in single day

  "days":number of consecutive days, default 1,
  "caches":number of total found caches, default 1,
  "differentTypes":number of different types required, default 1,
  "differentTypesOnDifferentDays":if you must have found every type on different day, default false,
  "minCachesOnDay":minimum caches on day, default 1,
  "types":[list of allowed types], default all
  "exclTypes":[list of excluded types], default none
  "logTitle": title of log, see the note.
  "logListTypes":true - list of all cache types found in the period - one cache per type, default false
  "logCachesPerDay":10 - list up to N caches per day. Put 1 for more compact output. default false  
  "logGCODES":100 - very compact list up to N caches per day, only gcode is printed. Useful for 100+ caches, default false

note - in the title of log you can use special words to be replaced by variables:


100 caches in 2 days (very compact log)
Config: { "days": 2, "caches":100, "minCachesOnDay": 1, "differentTypes": 1, "logTitle": "I have found __nrfound__ caches in 2 consecutive days between __fromdate__ and __todate__:", "logGCODES":100 }

6 types in one day
Config: { "days": 1, "differentTypes": 6, "logTitle": "I have found __nrtypes__ different cache types in single day on __fromdate__ :", "logListTypes":true }

5 caches every day for 5 consecutive days:
Config: { "days": 5, "minCachesOnDay": 5, "logTitle": "I have found at least 5 cache per day for 5 consecutive days between __fromdate__ and __todate__:", "logCachesPerDay":10 }

30 consecutive days (compact log):
Config: { "days": 30, "logTitle": "I have found at least 1 cache per day for 30 consecutive days between __fromdate__ and __todate__:", "logCachesPerDay":1 }
in Miscellaneous by jpavlik (Expert) (18.5k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Thanks for all the extra help!  Makes doing consecutive days challenges a little bit easier to work on.
by Go-pher-It (1.0k points)