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When i try to authorize on using Google Chrome and I'm already logged in to, then I'm stuck in a redirect loop and the following page is shown:

Redirection loop when authorizing project-gc on Chrome when already logged in to


To be able to authorize I have to go to, log out and then go to and authorize again.

Also, every day I go to Project-GC I need to authorize. It doesn't remember between sessions. I don't have any special cookie settings for Project-GC and my logins are rememberd on other websites.

in Miscellaneous by Filidutterna (930 points)

1 Answer

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I suggest you remove all your cookies for to see if that helps, while at it, you can remove those from as well. I doubt the later will help since we don't store anything interesting in them, but due to the same reason, they can just be removed as well.

From our knowledge and experience this is not a common problem. Chrome is one of the two most commonly used web browsers and I believe most only has to authenticate a few times per year (due to different various reasons).

It is however known that some can't login at all until they remove the cookies. From our understanding, this is an issue with and nothing we can do anything about. But, since we have never had the issue ourselves, we haven't been able to actually research it either.
by magma1447 (Admin) (239k points)
selected by Filidutterna
It seems to be working now but I'll have to see tomorrow if I'm still authorized and, if not, I will get stuck in the loop again.

This has always been happening on my other computer aswell so I'll remove the cookies on it later.
I'm still authorized so it's working now. Thanks!
Can't authorize with P-GC