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I have a large 1000 caches bookmark lists of cemetery caches in my province. I would like to create a Virtual GPS of that list and then narrow that list down to a radius of about 50km from a city I'll be visiting. Then I'd like to save that smaller list as a GPX file.

Can I do this with Project-GC?
in Support and help by L0ne.R (520 points)
edited by L0ne.R
I figured out how to do a workaround using EasyGPS. I would still like to know if this is possible with Project-GC.

1 Answer

+1 vote

This can be done, though it isn't as easy and clear as it could be. However, as it works today, the bookmark list must be public while importing it to Project-GC.

  1. Create a new empty VGPS
  3. Enter your name, click get lists
  4. Chose the correct list and click Map bookmark list
  5. Scroll below the map.
  6. Click the checkbox in the header. All checkboxes will now be selected.
  7. Click the Add (to vgps) button.

In the future we will look into having both an import from bookmark list and export to bookmark list, from the VGPS page.

by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
a big +1 for the last sentence! Export into bookmark lists would be great for all iOS users.