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–3 votes
I am the owner of a couple of challenge caches in Aarhus, Denmark. They can be found in this list:

The concept is that you can choose to spend some time mapping your finds into which "card" you can potentially hold, and then use those cards to form poker hands. If you have the cards in your hand to form a given poker hand, you qualify to log the corresponding cache. A neat little puzzle, that for most people (1000+ caches found) won't take more than an hour or two to complete - not much work for 9 caches.

My question is then this: Is it possible for me as a cache owner to "opt out" of the challenge checker program? The difficulty ratings of these caches are based on people doing the work themselves. It would not be fair to those who have already logged the series to "downgrade" the difficulty rating of them if a challenge checker should arrive, thereby drastically reducing the difficulty.

I know that many other person-to-cache relations in Project GC are implemented through bookmark lists on I am asking for the possibility as a cache owner to make a list for those caches that I would like to "opt-out" of the challenge checking program and then having it linked into project GC, much in the same way as f.ex. the FTF-list works.

Thanks for a great feature - with the hope that it can be even better by aligning the intent of challenge cache owners with the functionality of the site.

in Feature requests by Funky_Boris (9.7k points)
Bump - any other inputs ?

1 Answer

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Interesting challenges, I will make the checker for you.
by jpavlik (Expert) (18.4k points)
If you read my post (or even the subject) that's not what I am asking. In fact, the exact opposite.

If a challenge checker is made public, I will have to slash the difficulty rating of each cache by at least 1 star - that or archive them, which would be the fairest thing to do for those who have already found them, but a shame altogehter.
Sorry, I have misunderstood your request.
Ok, I'll don't make the checker.
I hope that you are aware that you can get all your cards with a single SQL line if you use GSAK.
Took me a couple of minutes to find all my 52 cards and my SQL knowledge is not that good
@jpavlik: Thank you :)
@Target: Yes, but at least you went and did some actual work. I will never be able to control whether people do this work by hand or some automated proces, but in your case at least it was automated work (in this case an SQL query) that you thought up yourself. I can accept people thinking for themselves, solving problems using general purpose tools like GSAK. Just clicking on a button or downloading and running a macro does not require much insight into any complexity that might be involved and is frankly too easy.