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I have not been able to find a checker where the output lists 9 D`s PLUS 9 T`s found in a single day. The one I did find ( will produce a false positive, seeing it allows to use a  D2/T2 for both criteria.

I really want it to list 18 unique finds, i.e not using the same cache for both - this checker may give a green light for 9 if you have completed a diagonal.

There may already be a checker that does what I want (?), but I haven`t found it yet. So is it possible to use the "11309"-checker with a modified tag - or is there another option/solution to this? :)

This is for my challenge GC5RPG6.



in Miscellaneous by Solkongen (220 points)
I am not saying that i am writing or modifying code but one thing it not obvious from the description.
Do all caches have different DT combination. In this post you talk about to do that in 18 finds but in the cache description it says "slik at du MÅ ha 18 funn med unik DT". I intreprit that that 18 caches have to be used and all has to have a different DT combination. Is it ok to use two finds both with D2T2 to satisfy both D2 and T2 or has for example a D2T2 and D2T2.5 be used for D2 T2?
Hi Target.
To answer your question, if you use a D2T2 for the "D2", you will have to find  ANOTHER cache for the "T2". Otherwise the task could be achieved with a diagonal (9 caches) - and that`ll make it too easy :)

So 18 squares will need to be filled in the matrix. (...Maybe I should have said that straight off? Sorry)


PS: That was actually the problem with the mentioned checker, It counts the same cache for both.
You have to find another cache with a different D that 2 ?
That is a big difference in a checker if all DT values has to be unique,
It it not realy obvius from the cache description if that is tha cacse.
I would add a example with two different caches with the same DT and say that it is not ok
OK, I see there is room for interpretation. :) If you check the cache page now, I have added both a picture with (my own) matrix for the qualifying finds - plus an example like you suggested. Good call, btw. I do hope it is clear now what I want people to do.

Is it possible to find a checker for this? Is there one currently or does it have to be made.
Thanks for the input so far!
One problem in the desciption
Denne vil jeg at du klarer UTEN å bruke samme cache for både D og T;  
sould be
Denne vil jeg at du klarer UTEN å bruke samme rute for både D og T;  
becaue thera has to be 18 distince DT combinations.
I dont think any existin code can be used and this kind of exclucive use of a cache is a bit tricky to code.
Brilliant suggestion! :)  Done.
I also removed the direct link to the other checker (but left the web adress) so it will be easier to identify some date that can be used.

Thanks for the help, even though there is no current checker - just means some extra work and that the D5 is justified. Haha.
Regards; Solkongen

1 Answer

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Sorry that it took more than 2 years to answer this question which I came across by accident.

There is a checker which search for unique caches per day the link is

The checker's printout is not so nice as the one on your cache page but that one gives the wrong result

Please check it out and let me know what you think of it

by vogelbird (Expert) (55.5k points)
Tested this checker for some of the people that the other checker rejected (as not having qualified). Looks very good, as this one does say they are qualified - as they always were. Thanks a lot!