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0 votes
I have a number of traditionals with personal cache notes like "Standard honeypot: 50 dia x 75 deep". When I look for solved mysteries with require corrected coordinates unchecked these traditionals show up on the map. Firstly it should be parsing for coordinates and secondly should it not be just unknown and multi cache types?
in Bug reports by the Seagnoid (Expert) (45.2k points)

1 Answer

0 votes
I would say it works as designed. That only unknown and multi need a corrected is a strange decision from groundspeek. Letterboxes is often not on the coordinates and wherigo is always not on the coordinates. Have had similar problem on earth caches 
I have used corrected on trad where the CO have bad coordinates and dont update after logs about that
And you have the option "Require corrected" to only show caches with coordinates( in the gc special filed on in the  notes)  an not just a notes.
A types filer on that map might be useful
by Target. (Expert) (104k points)
On the other hand, I would agree that it would be enough for the Solved Mysteries page to show the caches where the personal cache note actually contains coordinates. If it just is a random note about the container type used it doesn't need to be shown here.
But you already have that option with the "Require corrected" checkbox on that page.
Ah. Never mind me, then. ;)