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search for caches which 1 has but 2 not

0 votes

I am looking for a special search and couldn't figure out if this is possible.

There are 3 cachers. One goes at vacation and the other two want to find menawhile caches which they don't have found but the third one has.

Find cache which A has but not B and not C

Can I create such a query?

asked Apr 23, 2015 in Support and help by Master72Mind (290 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
Yes, this is possible by using the Map Compare option in the Tools menu (, but it is only available for paying members.
answered Apr 24, 2015 by swirlynail (2,980 points)
How do you do this with map compare?  I only see that you can check found by none, 1+, or all members.  I do not see how you can choose found by member A but nor B nor C.
Make sure that the geocachers that is on holiday is the first one and the other two are the ones you compare with.