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0 votes
Since a few days (?) or so, I need to Authenticate with GS every time I use Project-GC.

I use Project-GC from several computers, in case that makes a difference. Browser is always Firefox (vanilla) or Iceweasel (Debian Firefox) in a version at least 31, on GNU/Linux.
in Bug reports by mirabilos (2.7k points)

2 Answers

+5 votes
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Twice during last week we had to drop all sessions due to some issues with as server. This should not be a normal behaviour though.

We have chosen to use the authentication as a login process to avoid having username and passwords at our site. This because we really want to avoid having full access to accounts (and it's very likely the majority would use the same credentials). Therefore, each client has to authenticate again if we drop our session data.

(Added the same answer in the other thread)
by magma1447 (Admin) (241k points)
selected by mirabilos
Thankis ganja1447! So I assume this will not happen again (unless something unplanned occurs) and was not a bug. Also, thanks for the detailed explanation – the security model you chose definitely makes sense, I would not have given out my GS password.
0 votes
You're not the only one  This was reported before
by SeekerSupreme (5.0k points)
Ah ok. Their Subject was very ambiguous, which I guess was why it wasn't suggested to me as similar question when I asked. No answer there either, though ☹