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0 votes
Online with my PC AND ON MY IPAD, my stats look like an out of focus picture
in Miscellaneous by Cali~Bear (160 points)
I guess you refer to the ones embedded on your profile page?

1 Answer

0 votes
If it is as swirlynail assumes, and you mean the image at your profile. It's compressed with a lossy image format when viewed from an apple product. This is due to the fact that Ipad/Iphone has a max size allowed on images (for unknown reasons). Therefore we deliver it as jpeg instead of PNG.

This should however not be the case of a PC (windows for example).
by magma1447 (Admin) (233k points)
It is fuzzy on my Windows 7 pc and my Windows 8 pc - if you check my profile you can see it for yourself?
Looks pixel perfect here. A screenshot from my web browser,
hmmm thats not so pixel perfect for me... that is fuzzy - I went and used "download the static HTML" and its a lot better, check it out... the image one just doesn't look all that great to me... sorry
the one on the left is the dynamic - and its not clear for either because of the screenshot, but the static on the right is a clearer image - can you help with this?  thank you!
here is a screenshot with the dynamic image and the static html
it isn't a clear display for me... :/
That is relay strange because the stats on  is not a large image but html rendered in the web browser.
If you select the text you will see that. Are other things sharp on pgc? ate you using some kind of zoom or some thing else in firefox?
Are the result the same if you download the static html?
Both screenshots in the evernote link looked pretty bad in my opinion. I guess it was lossy compressed somewhere on the way.

But if we are talking about the statistics that exists at now. Then they are in HTML as Target said. Since it's not an image they are not fuzzy with normal settings. I also wonder if you have zoomed your window or something. In windows, try pressing ctrl+0 (zero) to reset the zoom.