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Would be nice to fill a GPS-List with content (all GC-codes found in XPath /gpx/wpt/name) of a gpx file at creation time or afterwards as an alternative to adding heaps of GC-codes.
in Feature requests by E.U.S.A.L (880 points)
retagged by E.U.S.A.L
It can be done if you open the gpx in an text editor and copy and paste the result into the add caches (+) dialog.
Or it almost works. All caches will be added but also gc codes in the desctiption will also be added?

One question. When i this useful? I assume I am missing a gpx source
I get GPX from gsak or pq:s
GSAK can export to csv that can be added in the + diaglog
and PQ can be done the same way in maps compare and added that way.
What are other useful sources?
First of all I love direct solutions ;-)

In this special case I exported a bookmark-list at via PQ to GPX and was looking for an import functionality. Since GPX is THEE std format for caches I would have it on any TODO list for import/export functionality in geocaching software components.
P.S. copy paste of the whole GPX content (72 caches) into the + function leads to 72 wanted and 280 unwanted entries. That's not really "almost working" ;-)

P.P.S I don't understand your comment "PQ can be done the same way in maps compare and added that way"
How well it works depends of the caches you use. All caches you whant to have in the list is added and perhaps some more.
A filter to extract all gc code is trivial i unix or i assume in osx with the command below but not as trivial in windows without installing anything
grep "<name>" gilt.gpx > file.txt

You don't need to make a PQ from a bookmark list to add them to the vgps
You can show the content in map compare or map bookmark list. Like the examples in the end of this post. Add as usual from map compare or draw a circle around the with the new "PGC VGPS  controls" (the VGPS icon on the side of the map) and add the the vgps

If the bookmark list not public make it public temporary or copy the guid of the list to the url. replace the guid in the url below with the one on your list.

What a meant with "PQ can be done the same way in maps compare and added that way" Is that all the filter options that can be used to create PQ on can be done in map compare, or am i mistaken?
The larges difference is that you have to make new routs on pgc if you have used one made on

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