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+1 vote

Would be nice to have a second level grouping of caches in V-GPS list.

You could group

  • all your German caches by county without having to filter 16 times for each German Bundesland (region)
  • all of your found caches by region without having to filter for every country of the world you ever cached in
  • 1st level whatever, 2nd level "found"
  • ... usernotes. This might offer nice possibilities depending on your usage

I think the benefit is clear. Q is: is it possible technically with the table used in the GUI?


P.S. How about a 3rd level... ;-)

in Feature requests by E.U.S.A.L (880 points)
This feature exist for 1st level and I use it a lot, I suppose it is premium

In Virtual GPS, just above the list you have a field 'group by' and you could there select 'region' or 'county' which I suppose are incorporated in region.

It give me just I want to select , combined with another filter, which of my caches need maintenance or in which county I will go walking the next WE. You could set-up a filter for each region in my country and then group by county.

Sure that direct combination could help for visted countries without the need to set-up a specific filter

1 Answer

0 votes
Like indicated in comment, for me the combination of existing grouping and adequate filter is the best answer up to now.
by Pepegeo (9.6k points)
I use filtering and grouping a lot. Grouping by two levels would offer even more possibilities and prevent a lot of refiltering and regrouping.
It's really nice the way it is now, that's why I called my issue an enhancement.