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Split finders / attendees by Country / Region

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I was just asked about interesting statistics, that I think is still missing on Project GC.

  • Input: Geocache code (or even bookmark list of multiple caches?)
  • Variable: Type of log
  • Output: % split of logs by country (home country of person who logged Found it / Didn't Found / Attended / Will Attend)
  1. I think this can be very useful particulary for MEGA event organization team for planning and analysis.
  2. Second reason - it can help cache owners to analyze Didn't Found logs, i.e. if they come from foreigners, something can be wrong with cache translation


* this statistics can be done today in steps (apply filter for individual countries one by one, and only partially - for Found and Attended logs)


asked Oct 28, 2014 in Feature requests by Rikitan (3,290 points)
I know this is not the answer to all that you want, but regarding events and planning around them, and expections of number of visitors, this tool can be very helpful:

It was just meant as a side note. As I said, I realize it's not the complete answer to this.
I use that tool for one of my past events and I found it very helpful.

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