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I have added greasemonkey script 1.4.3 from Project GC and I already have GC Little helper 11.5, I am using Firefox , my question is this, I have tried to add a new cache from the geocaching page to a cache list I have in Project GC, the number of the total caches goes up by one, but I can't find the cache in the list. Is there a bug? If a cache comes out on the geocaching website and I add it within a few minutes, should it work? I was hoping it would, I also disabled the GC little helper but it did the same thing,  thanks, Bruce, great site by the way, keep up the good work......
in Support and help by rockn'roll (610 points)
The problem is that only caches known to pgc can be added to the vgps even if you add the on pgc with entering the gc code.
If you add a non existing cache,ex gc90000, directly in the vgps, It will show null in the gc code and zero null or blank in other
Some automatic fetching of unknown gccides added to the vgps should probably be implemented. I would be a good idea now when it is easy and rather probible that not detectd gc codes are adder directly from
Thanks, makes sense, would be nice if you could add right from the geocaching website right when the cache gets published, good for those ftf hounds to which I am not, thanks for the reply......
I have bookmarked this topic and will look into it in the near future.
Seems too old to stay open or is it in the pipe?

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