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Often I am visiting certain caches with all my geocoins (~20) and afterwards have the problem to write a lot of logs. I know that project-GC has a function for discovering multiple trackables (for example when visiting an event). Is it possible to change this function so that it can be used when visiting a cache with multiple trackables?
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Not the answer but in some caching apps you can auto dip all tracabels in your inventory.
and on the web page you can set the trackables to auto visit with the gclitterhelper script
Even without any extra scripts, the web page has a link for "All visited" you can click to let all the trackables you carry visit the cache you log.
Yes, I know that button, but it does not allow to write any log text to the selected trackables. This makes by far more work than necessary.
You could do this in GSAK, then you will be able to add a log text to all the trackable logs when logging the visit.
Thanks, I do not yet know how to handle trackables in GSAK, but I will try to find out which possibilities and functions exist and how to use them.