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There seems to be a new problem with the virtuel gps. I started the process of exporting a virtuel gps to gpx-file yesterday evening containing about 7.500 caches. I was advised by the system that the job would take 2-3 hours. Now 12 hours later the job is still queueing.

Any advice?


GEO Karen
in Bug reports by GEO Karen (320 points)

1 Answer

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This is unfortunate, but a bit hard for us to fix in a solid way.

It has been stuck on refreshing geocache data. In fact, it has refreshed all except GC44XJD. When it tried to get GC44XJD from the API it got several errors, and therefore added it last in the queue again. With fairly low priority.

It also seems like the API has been a bit overloaded for a few days now, probably due to the extended weekend and the Giga event in Europe. The combination of these, which will often go hand in hand, has lead to that Project-GC hasn't gotten as far as trying GC44XJD again.

Until we have a better solution. I suggest that you just ask Project-GC to build the GPX once again. With a large GPX that is an issue since you will hit the limit of 10000 downloaded.

But we actually have a change on that topic in the pipeline. It's currently being tested. In the future, we will only count each geocache once during the last 24 hours. So that the same geocaches can be downloaded over and over again. The reason to this is that we do not want to count everything twice if one decides to download both a GPX and a CSV. If they have the same content, it should only be accounted for once.

PS! I have refreshed GC44XJD and I think you have gotten your GPX now.
by magma1447 (Admin) (224k points)
selected by GEO Karen