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0 votes
My Profile Statistic is not visible or is not generated. The statistics of other cachers appears. Is this a bug?
in Support and help by Urml (220 points)
lets wait for administrator answer, but if you just authenticated on project-gc recently, it is possible that your stats were not yet generated, I guess. I would give it one week

2 Answers

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I also can't see your PGC stats, although mine is working fine (currently on iPad). Seems like an issue on PGC, only a thin line of the brownish background is visible where the stats should be. Someone should have a look... The only thing I am not certain about: on you deny viewing your stats, does this influence the PGC stats? Did you opt not to show PGC stats in your preferences?

by DerLakaiMS (6.7k points)
selected by Urml
Your first question: I tried it with "hide the stats" and "Show my statistics on my public profile" - the result on PGC is the same. And on PGC I allowed to show. Otherwise you would be see the text " Urml has choosen to hide their statistics from others" with a red/with sign. But this will be also not created.
I can confirm that your deny of viewing your stats at can't be a reason for this problem. I know several other cachers that also denied their stats and their PGC stats work just fine. So it must be something else.
0 votes
Don't forget also the delta time between US database, your local time and the frequency of refresh.

Have in mind that some processes (see other documentation) could take few days up to few week if you make a change on an old log (adding a favorite point, adding a log to an already archived cache, etc ...)

Be patient and if persiating, indicate points of reference for the investigation, cache found on which date&time, or modification done at date&time (with precision of date&time of the server or your local time)

Hope it helps
by Pepegeo (10.4k points)
Sorry, my English is not very well, but I think, you don't understand. I see nothing! No charts or anything else since 8 weeks!