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0 votes
This would be a nice addition to the stats module.
in Feature requests by TerraViators (9.0k points)

1 Answer

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As I understand, the milestone section in the project-gc-stats just mirrors the milestones set at So you have to lock/edit the milestone-caches on this side.
by DrHool (3.4k points)
selected by TerraViators
I don't know if that's true.  I have edited and locked milestones on but I believe project-gc just takes the log order from
That is not true. order can be edited but pgc order is in order of logs.
As an example look at my stats on the different page and cache 300 is different
The might also differ if lab caches are included in stats but I am note sure if that is the case.

I don't think the milestone exist in the API and can therefore not be mirrord on pgc.
Ah, ok, thanks TerraViators and Target.. So my assumption was wrong.
You are correct, Target.  The lab caches are included in the milestone count.  I don't know if one would be listed as a milestone but they are in the count used to calculate milestones.