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+20 votes
Wann werden die Lab-Caches  bzw. die Anzahl im Profil angezeigt?
in Support and help by DL3BZZ (210 points)
retagged by pinkunicorn (Moderator)
Wann geht es mit der Anzeige der Labs weiter für GSAK geht es jetzt ja auch schon, da sie ja jetzt bei mit in der Statistik drin stehen.

9 Answers

+7 votes


I asked this question recently with following answer from Support:

Information about lab caches can not be retrieved via Groundspeak's API which is what we use to fetch information about caches. This means that we can not make statistics about lab caches since we can't get information about them. If Groundspeak changes their API to include lab caches we can most likely include statistics about them as well, but not before that.

For me, it was sufficient, it depends on GroundSpeak.


by Rikitan (3.6k points)
I saw on an other GC statistics page the possibillity to enter the amount of the lab caches found manually, so that at least the count and thus the milestones are right.
Maybe this also could be an interim solution for project-gc?
+2 votes
Lab-caches are for the moment not included in the API that the site uses to fletch data from Untill that is included there will probably not be any Lab-caches on P-GC.
by sweede (280 points)
+2 votes
What about manually adding the number of lab caches that we founD?
by MatthewCat (2.7k points)
Manually entering them in would be fine, but project-gc is also about comparing with other people. Are you willing to enter them in for all 6 million geocachers out there? What we really need is to get onto the groundspeak forums and get them to modify the API.
+2 votes
Es wird daran gearbeitet daß man die Lab Caches Manuell eingeben kann .

Das wird aber noch dauern
by hami+ (1.5k points)
+1 vote

Information über Lab-Caches kann nicht von den API des Groundspeaks geholt werden und das ist was wir benutzt um Information über Caches zu finden. Das heisst das wir nicht Statistik über Lab-Caches machen kann als wir keinen Information über ihnen haben. Wenn Groundspeak sein API geändert so als es Lab-Caches inkludiert, dann können wir Statistik über ihnen machen, aber nicht früher.

by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (196k points)
dies ist zwar ein Thread von 2014, aber so wie ich das sehe, wurde das mit den Labcaches nach 2 Jahren immer noch nicht umgesetzt. Oder habe ich da was übersehen?
0 votes
Does anyone know, if GS plans to implement it to the api?
by Torsten007_Urmel (6.1k points)
–1 vote
Missing Lab cache also StatBar - may it please add
by VeeN&Julcek (170 points)
–2 votes
My question was if anybody knows, if GS is planning to implement labs in the api?
by Torsten007_Urmel (6.1k points)
–2 votes
I had the same problem. Lab caches aren't included in your profile stats
by MatthewCat (2.7k points)