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0 votes
I'm trying to do a search for caches from my home coordinates and want to exclude found, owned and archived ones and that works fine. But i also want to include the bookmarks in my ignore list where i have a huge list of ignores. I have tried all the filter settings that i could think have something to do with it but still ignored caches are being displayed.

Am i doing something wrong?
in Miscellaneous by Titanium (680 points)

1 Answer

0 votes
That should work with the "Ignore bookmark list" filter.
by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (171k points)
I have tried adding that as a filter with my name. But still ignored ones appear in the search results =/. Hmmm
That's not enough. You enter your name and click the "Get" button. That opens a new select box where you need to select the bookmark list that should be used as the ignore list. Your bookmark list needs to be public to appear in this list.
Hmm, so if i understand correctly the filter does not find the ignore list on automatically as it can not be edit as a public list?. You need to make another new own ignore list then and make it public?
Ah, ok, you mean your ignore list on I didn't realize that; I thought you were talking about a regular bookmark list. At the moment there is no way to use that on Project-GC. As far as I know, there is no way to access your ignore list via's API, which is what we use to access your information.
So you then need two separately ignore bookmark lists on then? One that works in and one public that works on right?