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We attended this event in Nunavut but Nunavut is still a blank;  the only blank in our Canadian map.

in Support and help by PeterNoG (350 points)

2 Answers

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The reason is that and have different opinions about what state the event was actually held in. It can be seen on the map on that the event is very close to the border between the states. I don't know anything about Canadian geography so I can't say what's right, but according to the map data that Project-GC currently has, the event was held in Manitoba. This may well be a problem with our map data. We normally import map data from OpenStreetMap. When a cache is just meters from the real border, the problem may simply be that our map data doesn't have high enough resolution.

That this is the reason can be seen on for instance

by pinkunicorn (Moderator) (182k points)
It's unfortunate; the Event was 250 metres into Nunavut & outside of Manitoba according to Open Streets maps so the problem must be a resolution issue.
It turns out that we are not using OSM data for Canada, but;jsessionid=9B7382407840A6BE2ED86AF6551F17DD.geobase1 which puts the event coordinates in Manitoba. As I understand it, this is official government data. Perhaps OSM is a bit off?
Based on that gov't data, specifically the "Natural low water mark, defined in Manitoba Boundaries Extension Act, 1912", if we get to Churchill again, we'll have to go a minimum of 110 metres father out on the ice to hold a Nunavut Event.
Thanks you very much
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I edited my answer after more precise one by pinkunicorn.


by Rikitan (3.6k points)
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