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+14 votes
I would like to be able to retrieve the list of publishers of caches hidden by someone.
I guess there are two options: Adding the name of publisher to the result array of GetHides or it would also work if GetPublishers would have a flags to allowing to switch between found, hidden or both.
The second option would give more flexibility.

 Boris (aka bfiu)
in Feature requests by bfiu (890 points)
retagged by bfiu

2 Answers

+2 votes
Best answer
ganja1447 provided the function by extending the GetPublishers method with an additional type flag. Thanks!
by bfiu (890 points)
0 votes
Early caches didn't have a log from the publisher so I don't know how this information could be produced by the system.

I have several early caches and the "published by" statement is embedded at the bottom of the cache page for only the owner to see.  For example, my cache GC278D was published by Jeremy under his admin username "iryshe"
by The Wombles (3.5k points)
The method GetPublishers already exists for caches by found a user.
All I am asking for is a new method or extension of an existing method that allows to retrieve the information based on specifying the owner of the cache.
This is actually unrelated to the fact you outlined. I am not requesting a method from Project-GC that resolves the groundspeak database issues!
Fair enough - I hope you get what you're looking for.