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Looking for someone that can create a checker for All 4 Grids Challenge (GC56QVK).

0 votes
Must have completed the following four grids:
•All 81 of the Difficulty/Terrain Grid (Fizzy/Well Rounded)
•Jasmer Challenge (Find a cache published every month since May 2000 including current month)
•Finds on All 366 Days of the Year
•Finds for All 366 Placed Dates of the Year
asked Jun 24, 2015 in (OBSOLETE) Checker requests by Love Cachers (240 points)

1 Answer

–1 vote
Best answer
answered Jun 24, 2015 by Jakuje (Moderator) (104,100 points)
selected Jun 24, 2015 by Love Cachers
Thank you, Jakuje!
you are welcome