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The challenge is to verify a found which is as far from the listing coordinates in km as the year has days on the log date.

An example:

The 30. June 2015 is the 181 day of the year. Now you have to prove, that you found a cache which ist between 180,5 (means >= 180,5) and 181,49 (means < 181,5) km away.


It would be kind, if you could create such a checker maybe if not green with the next possible log date (naxt farer Cache until 365/366 or at the end of the year starting from one km)

Thanks in advance

in Miscellaneous by Chilliesser (190 points)
It can be created but would be inappropriate to tag as a checker for the challenge because is will show ok/not ok on the map depending on the day the checker was tested not on the current day.

One question on the requirements of the challenge:
The distance caclulation requeriment that refers to gsak and
After a quick looke it looks like GSAK uses the Haversine( it can relay do both Haversine  and  Vincenty but i think it uses Haversint in the distance calculation to other caches if you uses the challenge as centerpoint and i guess that is what the CO refers to) formula but zwanziger assume that the earth is a perfect sphere (which it isn't and that caclulation will get different result.
Does this mean that both methods has to be calculated and a cache is ok if either of the distances are in the interval?

Are there any important information in the images with text on the page? google translate cant translate them and my German is very bad

1 Answer

0 votes

the owner just mailed me, that he doesn't want to have any checker on his caches because he wants to torture the finders of his challenge caches.

Please forget my request. :-(

by Chilliesser (190 points)