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+5 votes
It would be cool if you support GCVote (, especially on your cool filterable cheeky live map.
In my opionion the star-vote system is much better than GS's FPs and here in Germany GCVote is used by many cachers.
The api is to use:
The result would be a xml document:
<votes userName='' currentVersion='3.3' securityState='locked' loggedIn='false'>
<vote userName='' cacheId='7f9707d4-c374-4640-a376-ed13c4a7a89d' voteMedian='3' voteAvg='2.91' voteCnt='50' voteUser='0' waypoint='GCMW06' vote1='0' vote2='12' vote3='35' vote4='2' vote5='1' rawVotes='(2.0:10)(2.5:2)(3.0:30)(3.5:5)(4.0:2)(5.0:1)'/>
<vote userName='' cacheId='9f43bb11-13d2-4e12-8a67-b04f662c27b9' voteMedian='3' voteAvg='3' voteCnt='3' voteUser='0' waypoint='GC3KXGQ' vote1='0' vote2='1' vote3='2' vote4='0' vote5='0' rawVotes='(2.5:1)(3.0:1)(3.5:1)'/>
If you have questions please let me know.
Disclaimer: I'm not the owner of GCVote, but I am involved in the development of GCVote's browser extensions.
in Feature requests by Skywalker90 (170 points)
edited by Skywalker90
I noticed that it is only running at Greasemonkey (Firefox). Are they planning a Chroom version. Firefox gives me problems on some of my programmes so I stopped using it.
There is also a chrome version of GCVote:

I use it in a webkit/blink based browser myself.

Notice: atm it there is a bug in the release version (can causes the stars on the map to disappear) - there will be a fixed release after the owner is back from holiday.
german thread:

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