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Diese Challenge darf von jedem Mystery-Fan geloggt werden, der bis zu seinem Logdatum neun passende Mysteries gesammelt hat. Diese neun Mysteries müssen eine komplette Zeile oder Spalte in der Matrix füllen und in der Summe ihrer D/T Werte mindestens 54 betragen. Das entspricht mindestens D3 oder T3. Viel Spaß mit dieser Challenge!

Spätere Änderung: Wer also die Reihe nicht komplett hat, darf ab sofort auch loggen, wenn er über die Gesamtpunktzahl der D- und T-Wertung von mind. 54 kommt. Weiterhin gilt: keine D- oder T-Wertung darf doppelt vorkommen.


Verstehe ich jetzt so: Finde aus jeder Zeile der D-Wertungen ein Fragezeichen, wobei die Summe aller Ds und Ts über 54 liegen muss.


short version in English: Find 9 mysterys with different D-values. The sum of all Ds and Ts must be equal to or higher than 54.
in Miscellaneous by PuhWutze (830 points)
edited by magma1447 (Admin)
Unless I misunderstand you (German is my third language), the English summary is wrong. What is required seems to be a complete line or column in the D/T matrix with a total sum of 54 or more, not just 9 mysteries with different D-values.
Hi, you are right as long as you only read the first lines. Afterwards there was an adjustment that just states what I described (the owner has changed the task as nobody has read it carefully enough ;))
Ah, sorry. But then it would need to say that all D *and*T* values need to be different, right? Or to be extra clear, no cache may have the same D value as another cache and no cache may have the same T value as another cache. The D value of one cache may be the same as the T value of another (or the same) cache.
DD-derfred: Yes, I think that is what the owner expects. At least this is what loggers show on their logproofs.. If you prefer an answer by the owner I will send him a question.

1 Answer

+1 vote
I think, summary is correct. You have to achieve 54 sum points, but must not have the same D or T value.

So it is less difficult, if you don't have a complete row/column of mysteries. You can use 3 of T3, 2 of T2.5 and so on.

Originally it was intended to have it in one row or one complete column.
by DD-derfred (290 points)